Face to Face Leggings


Philippe Valy Brand's Face to Face Leggings are limited edition leggings that are manufactured in the US in small batches. These leggings feature an original painted collage in the surrealist tradition by the US-based French artist, Philippe Valy.

Each pair of Face to Face Leggings comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Small22" - 26.5"32" - 35"
Medium27" - 32"35.5" - 40"
These leggings naturally conform to your shape and hold your lower body in place without scrunching it.
These leggings are 88% polyester and 12% spandex. This fabric is non-pilling and wicks sweat away from your body.

Naturally wrinkle-resistant, your leggings can be squeezed into tight spaces while traveling. Any possible wrinkles will disappear the next time you wear your leggings.

Hand wash or machine wash in gentle cycle. Do not iron.
Shipping is free within the US.

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