As a former smoker, I strongly believe that if you quit smoking, it is imperative that you reward yourself with something very special and pleasant to commemorate your achievement. I created a mini-sculpture of a crushed cigarette entitled “My Last Butt to fulfill this need. I wear mine on a chain so it is always close to my chest.

Philippe Valy

You can buy this limited edition piece of jewelry in sterling silver or 14/18 kt gold as a celebratory gift for yourself or someone you love. My Last Butt can be worn on a chain, a key chain, a bracelet, or an anklet as a constant reminder of your achievement and your resolve never to smoke again.

Did you know that November 15th is “The Great American Smokeout“? We will donate a portion of our sales of My Last Butt to the American Cancer Society.

The essence of the struggle to quit smoking is captured memorably by singer, songwriter, and pianist Stella Crispo who composed the anthem Day After Day to celebrate the creation of this micro-sculpture and the worldwide quitting movement that she hopes it will inspire.

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