Wearable art comes in many forms. If you have ever had your face or body painted, you have been adorned with wearable art. One of the most common types of wearable art you see these days are tattoos but these are generally of the permanent kind. Did you know that tattoos are an ancient art form?

A whole new world opens up when artwork is transferred to your clothes or accessories. This allows you to mix permanence and impermanence since you can own a treasured piece forever but you don’t have to wear it daily. You can also play with and mix & match styles depending on your whimsy.

Philippe Valy’s wearable art has extended from body painting to one-of-a-kind handpainted items – dresses, tuxedos, pants, jackets, sunglasses, shoes, hats, bras, corsets, canvas bags, handbags and more – and now also includes leggings with reproductions of some of his paintings (Three styles are already sold out). Soon the collection will expand to include scarves, ties, and other items.

Valy’s paintings are known for their surrealism and his curated limited-edition leggings and other printed pieces will turn heads and inspire conversation wherever you go while wearing them. If you are ready for the attention, you should grab a pair of these wearable art leggings for yourself before they sell out. You can also join our mailing list to know when we add new pieces to our collection.

If you have a penchant for truly standing out, you can pick up one of Philippe’s hand-painted leggings (available soon) or hats. We also have one very special little black dress available.

We will be introducing bespoke services soon so you will be able to mail us a favorite piece of clothing or accessory that Philippe Valy will transform into a unique piece of wearable art just for you. So you should keep checking back if you have not joined our mailing list.

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